About Vocaz

Vocaz is the World's largest Engineer-to-MBA service.

    All Vocaz Insiders consultants:
  1. Graduated from the Top MBA
     programs (or soon will).
  2. Are engineers themselves. 

Our team has helped engineers get accepted to Harvard, Stanford, INSEAD and every other top MBA program.

Vocaz was founded by Gil Levi, a former member of Wharton's Admissions Committee.

As a past applicant, Gil was admitted to the MBA programs at Harvard, Wharton and INSEAD.

His GMAT score was only 650, but his essay creation practices compensated for that. Nowadays, these practices make a difference for Vocaz clients.  

Gil received a full, merit-based scholarship at Wharton, where he graduated with Distinction. 

Upon graduating, he "passed" on a McKinsey & Company offer in order to head GoRefer Inc., with a staff of 20 engineers.

Afterwards, Gil led Product Management and Marketing with BMC Software's Security Software Division.

Since 2002, Gil has been dedicating his time to researching MBA admission techniques, meeting with MBA admissions committees, and updating our service in preparation for the upcoming MBA admission season.

Vocaz employs a round table strategy, with each consultant collecting expert opinions at the critical decision points throughout the application process. We also conduct internal reviews of candidates' materials by additional consultants (and at no additional cost) in order to provide a fresh perspective and make sure each of our client's materials are at their best. The collaboration within Vocaz's team, which includes former admission committee members as well as experienced consultants with marketing writing skills, contributes to the success of our clients' applications.


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