The Added Value - the Umbrella

Beyond the personal consultant, Vocaz’s Service Umbrella consists of the following elements:


  • Each school’s specialist: Every one of
     Vocaz’s school specialists is a graduate
     (or soon-to-be graduate) of the same
     MBA program you are applying to.
  • Vocaz’s veteran research analyst, Gilad
     Dubowski, an expert on the formal
     requirements of each school, provides requirements-support to each Vocaz
  • The Vocaz Strategy Round Table provides you with cumulative feedback on your application strategy.
  • Every Vocaz client is placed, upon request, in contact with graduates of the
     specific programs they are applying to. These graduates voluntarily assist
     Vocaz clients with issues such as networking, school choice, campus visits,
     and support e-mails to the Admissions committee in those cases where a
     significant relationship is formed.
  • The Quality Assurance Manager, Richard Wilmot, is responsible for conducting
     "behind the scenes" QA on clients' documents, and sending improvement  
     suggestions to the consultant as needed.
  • Gil Levi sets the Vocaz application strategy for each application season.
  • The original Admission Drivers system, developed by our team, will assist you in making your application more focused
     and balanced. This system is updated according to Vocaz’s research.



If you plan to apply in two years or less, please fill out the Information Request Form.