The McCombs MBA
University of Texas at Austin

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McCombs School of Business, founded in 1922, is one of the oldest and most respected schools in the southwest region, offering a two-year MBA program. The program is medium in size and is specifically known to be strong in the fields of accounting, information systems and entrepreneurship.
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Key Admission Stats – McCombs MBA:
Selectivity - 29%
Applicants invited to interview - 60%
Yield - 43%
Enrollment - 504
Avg. GMAT - 700
Mid 80% GMAT Range - 680-770
Avg. undergrad GPA - 3.47
International students - 25%
Women - 26%
Avg. age - 28
Avg. work experience - 5.25
% of students receiving financial aid from school - 71%


What is relatively unique about the McCombs MBA?

  • Other top 10 - e-business, marketing

  • Top 15 - Finance

  • Relatively higher tuition for a top-20 school

  • Good weather

  • Seems has somewhat competitive environment

  • School emphasizes teamwork - many group projects and go through whole first year with cohort.

  • Emphasize communication skills. In plus program students work with communication coaches.

  • School puts emphasis on hands on and practical learning. Among the ways it does this is through the Plus Program- a series of seminars and projects that give students intense training in topics such as communications, business analysis, and venture capital and direct industry experience.

  • Other ways are the MOOT CORP business plan competition, the MBA Investment Fund, and the Venture Fellows program. MOOT CORP is probably the largest business school business plan competition among b-schools, and teams from all over the work participate.- If you are planning to go into entrepreneurship, it could be good to discuss this in the essay.


McCombs MBA – Areas of Academic Strength:
Accounting, (Information systems, Entrepreneurship)


More about McCombs MBA program:
The MBA program at McCombs does not require the student to choose a specific concentration. It emphasizes teamwork and communication skills as the school believes in practical learning gained through actual experience.
Despite its high rating, the school is not considered very popular. Due to this fact, applicants are encouraged to examine what it has to offer as there is a bigger chance of getting accepted. Before submitting the application, it is important to research the school and show the knowledge collected about it in the essays written. The tuition, compared with other schools, is relatively high for the program’s rank.
The school's alumni include the following prominent individuals, with current or past positions in parentheses: Donald Evans (former US Secretary of Commerce), Gary Kelly (CEO of Southwest Airlines), William Johnson (CEO of Heinz) and James Mulva (CEO of ConocoPhillips).


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