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The Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon, founded in 1949, is renowned for studying the scientific principles of business administration. The program's strengths are in industry and operations, finance and IT.
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Key Admission Stats – Tepper MBA:
Average GPA of admits: 3.3
Average GMAT of admits: 698
Average Age of admits: 29


Tips for applying for a Tepper MBA:

  • School is looking for an aptitude in mathematics, as shown by transcript, GMAT, or job.

  • Want to see that you have taken the time to learn about the school - great way to do this is to travel to campus during early part of application season and request an interview with an adcom member (can also request interview when they travel to recruiting events).

  • School prides itself on small, close-knit community and wants to know how you will contribute to it.

  • GMAT is very very important and has a direct correlation to the amount of scholarship you receive.

  • Support letter for alum or current student make a difference.

  • Because of stereotype of students with poor communication skills, looking for people who demonstrate strong communication skills.

  • Show ability to contribute to teams.

  • Looking for people who are innovative and have strong work ethic.


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What is Tepper Looking for in a Candidate?
See what traits make you more likely to get accepted into Tepper’s MBA Program.

Trait Importance (4 is highest, 1 is lowest)
Leader/Manager 3.5
Team Player/Relationship Builder 3
Smart 3.5
Initiates 3
International/Cultural 1
Creative 1
Presentation Skills 2
Persuasion Skills 1
Community/Society 3
Risk Taker 1
Business Skills 2
Source of career plan/prog choice 2
Promotions 2
Credible Names 1
Story is unique 1

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Tepper MBA – Areas of Academic Strength:
Industry/Operations, (IT/Information Systems)


The Tepper MBA Culture - Common perceptions:

  • One of the smallest of the top twenty schools - strong sense of community.

  • Emphasis on quantitative skills and analytical problem-solving.

  • Vast majority of students have undergrad engineering/science/business backgrounds.

Advantages of the Tepper MBA:

  • Thorough grounding in quantitative problem-solving and decision-making skills ('management science').

  • International students have the choice to graduate early in order to apply to H1B visa the same year they graduate (very big advantage in years in which a lot of people apply).

  • Relatively low cost of living and good chance for scholarship.


What else is special about the Tepper MBA?

  • Year divided into 4 mini-semesters of 7.5 weeks.

  • Offer interviews by request during first part of the application season (until late November.) Anyone can come to campus and request an interview with adcom member.

  • Strong in areas connected to industry - Operations Management, Production, Supply Chain, Logistics etc.

  • Incoming students required to have done one college-level calculus course and another high level course in calculus, statistics or linear algebra.


Who is likely to particularly enjoy the Tepper MBA?

  • Someone with quantitative orientation.

  • Family friendly - Pittsburgh has relatively low cost of living for large city.


Scholarships Sample (Vocaz Clients) – Tepper MBA:
$44,000 ; $52,000 ; $44,000 ; $40,000 ; $20,000 ; $20,000 ; $10,000 ; $20,000 ; $30,000 ; $40,000 ; $42,000 ; $80,000 ; $20,000 ; $16,000 ; $10,000 ; $65,000 ; $65,000


More about Tepper's MBA program:
The school emphasizes a quantitative and analytical approach, which differentiates it from other management programs. It seeks candidates with strong math and quantitative backgrounds. The school also has an inter-disciplinary approach which allows a broad perspective for the study of business administration.
Studies are very diverse, and students may chose from about 20 different tracks in their degree. The academic year at Tepper is divided into four mini-semesters of 7.5 weeks each. Students who chose not to do a summer internship between the first and second year may take summer courses and complete their studies within 16 months.
The Tepper School is small, intimate and proud of its community atmosphere. The school tries to select students who are team players and will fit in well in this environment. The school is located in Pittsburgh, where cost of living is relatively low.

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