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The Kellogg School of Management, founded in 1908, belongs to Northwestern University. The program is large, with approximately 1,200 students. The program's key strengths are marketing, general management and health enterprise management.
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Key Admission Stats – Kellogg MBA:
Average GPA of admits: 3.59
Average GMAT of admits: 715
Average Age of admits: 27


Tips for applying for a Kellogg MBA:

  • Kellogg is looking for someone who ideates clear self reflection, speaks with conviction about goals, who they are, why they are interested in MBA, their role and fit with school. Not looking for one-dimensional people.

  • Be yourself, be confident, without arrogance.

  • Highly advisable for international students to apply in rounds 1 or 2.

  • Find a way to convince them that Kellogg is your first choice. They are afraid of being treated as a "safety school" by competitive Harvard/Stanford/Wharton applicants. It would help if they know that if you are accepted, you are coming.

  • Look closely at work experience- want to see 'quality' of work, contribution to workplace, promotions.

  • School emphasizes that essays should be insightful, reflective, authentic and honest - don't write simply what think adcom wants to hear.

  • Think what your experience means for other students, what you can share and how you can contribute.

  • Don't underestimate military experience - viewed as professional. Adcom has great respect for service to country.


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What is Kellogg Looking for in a Candidate?
See what traits make you more likely to get accepted into Kellogg’s MBA Program.

Trait Importance (4 is highest, 1 is lowest)
Leader/Manager 4
Team Player/Relationship Builder 4
Smart 3
Initiates 3
International/Cultural 1
Creative 2
Presentation Skills 2
Persuasion Skills 1
Community/Society 3
Risk Taker 2
Business Skills 1
Source of career plan/prog choice 1
Promotions 3
Credible Names 1
Story is unique 2

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Kellogg MBA – Areas of Academic Strength:
Marketing, (General Management)


The Kellogg MBA Culture - Common Perceptions:

  • Highly Social.

  • Heavy focus on teamwork and collaboration.

  • Well known for its marketing program, but actually has higher percentage of students going into both consulting and finance.


Advantages of the Kellogg MBA:

  • Very large alumni network.

  • School's Career Management Center offers free lifelong career coaching.

  • Strong academic program and good relations between professors and students.

  • Successful record in recruiting to consulting firms.


What else is special about the Kellogg MBA?

  • Has three full-time MBA programs: Two-year, One-year and MMM - Master of Management and Manufacturing, which grants two Graduate degrees in two years. For one-year program need to have taken business courses previously in other academic framework.

  • Interview most applicants to assess fit, leadership.

  • Students play central roles in many aspects of school, including admissions (as readers and interviewers).


Who is likely to particularly enjoy the Kellogg MBA?

  • Someone who would enjoy environment with strong emphasis on teamwork/collaboration.

  • Someone interested in marketing (or consulting).


Vocaz's Clients and the Kellogg MBA:
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More about Kellogg's MBA program:
The school offers one- and two-year MBA programs, as well as an MMM program in management and production.
The Kellogg school is known for its emphasis on teamwork and cooperation, but also for nurturing leaders. In this context, applicants are advised to demonstrate experience in leading teams to success. The school also looks for candidates with significant career experience. One of the unique characteristics of the application process is that each candidate must pass an interview.
Students at Kellogg play central roles in many areas, including assisting the admissions committee with interviewing applicants. The school has a large alumni network (over 50,000 graduates), who also take part in admissions interviews.
Alumni include the following individuals, with current or past positions in parentheses: Peter Peterson (Co-founder and Chairman, the Blackstone Group), Michael Gross (Founder and Senior Partner, Apollo Management), Edwin Booz and James Allen (founders of Booz Allen Hamilton consultancy) and Arthur Andersen (founder of Arthur Andersen accounting firm).


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