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INSEAD, which doesn't belong to any university, is probably the most well-known and prestigious MBA program outside the US. In Europe, INSEAD has an excellent reputation, which is somewhat less powerful in the US.
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Key Admission Stats – INSEAD MBA:
Average GMAT of admits: 705
Average Age of admits: 29


Tips for applying for INSEAD MBA:

  • Very important to show international orientation, preferably international business experience. Barring that applicant can show international exposure (living/working abroad) or ability to adapt to new settings.

  • Career progression is important.

  • Don't leave unexplained gaps (i.e. what did in certain years) in application.

  • School is putting strong emphasis on entrepreneurship. Good to show entrepreneurial experience/spirit in application.

  • Weird/strange/diverse background- as much as possible. The school likes people who enjoy art, cinema, gastronomy, sport and have a good sense of humor.


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What is INSEAD Looking for in a Candidate?
See what traits make you more likely to get accepted into INSEAD’s MBA Program.

Trait Importance (4 is highest, 1 is lowest)
Leader/Manager 4
Team Player/Relationship Builder 3
Smart 3
Initiates 3
International/Cultural 4
Creative 2
Presentation Skills 2
Persuasion Skills 1
Community/Society 2
Risk Taker 1
Business Skills 1
Source of career plan/prog choice 1
Promotions 3
Credible Names 1
Story is unique 2

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INSEAD MBA – Areas of Academic Strength:
International Management, (Entrepreneurship)


The INSEAD MBA Culture - Common perceptions:

  • Very international and multicultural.

  • Intense academic schedule.

  • Laid back, friendly environment.


Advantages of the INSEAD MBA:

  • Brand name in Europe.

  • Opportunity to study in Europe, Asia and U.S.


What else is special about the INSEAD MBA?

  • One year program.

  • Two intakes (Sept. and Jan.).

  • 2 full, parallel campuses in France and Singapore, and option to study at Wharton.

  • Strong preference for females, minorities.


Who is likely to particularly enjoy the INSEAD MBA?

  • Someone interested in international business or working in different continents.

  • Someone who prefers a one-year course for personal/professional reasons.

  • Someone interested in Entrepreneurship.


Scholarships Sample (Vocaz Clients) – INSEAD MBA:
10,000 ; 7,000 ; $10,640 ; 5,000


More about INSEAD MBA program:
The school offers a one-year MBA program, starting in January and September (the program is identical at both intakes).
The school has two campuses, in Fontainebleau (France) and in Singapore. Both are equivalent as far as the school is concerned and applicants cannot apply to one campus only, though preferences may be stated. The school is planning to expand and open a third campus.
INSEAD has a diverse international student body, and this is the first attribute it looks for in applicants. This emphasis is also demonstrated by the fact that each student must demonstrate reasonable proficiency in two languages in addition to English. The school is also known for its social, comfortable atmosphere. The school is known to offer preference to female students.
INSEAD's main strengths are in international management, general management, entrepreneurship and strategy. The program is mid-size with approximately 900 students (distributed between two campuses and two intakes), yet the school still has a wide alumni network worldwide.
INSEAD places more emphasis on candidates' age compared to other programs, and school representatives have stated that applicants over age 32 will need to present a more compelling application compared to younger candidates. The admissions process usually includes two interviews.
Alumni include the following individuals, with current or past positions in parentheses: Adam Goldstein (President and CEO, Royal Caribbean International), Kevin Ryan (Co-Founder & CEO, DoubleClick) and Jusuf Kalla (Vice President of Indonesia).


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