The IESE MBA - University of Navarra

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The IESE Business School belongs to the University of Navarra. It has campuses in Madrid and Barcelona, and offers a two-year MBA program (relatively unusual in Europe) which is considered one of the leading programs in Europe.
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Key Admission Stats – IESE MBA:
Average GMAT of admits: 683
Average Age of admits: 27


Tips for applying for IESE MBA:

  • Important to show how you are different or unique (i.e. via a great achievement in music or sports, a significant international experience, interesting work experience, etc.), and how this will allow you contribute to the program.

  • Show open-mindedness, willingness to learn from differences.

  • Only about 10% of the class is above 30


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What is IESE Looking for in a Candidate?
See what traits make you more likely to get accepted into IESE’s MBA Program.

Trait Importance (4 is highest, 1 is lowest)
Leader/Manager 4
Team Player/Relationship Builder 2.5
Smart 3
Initiates 2
International/Cultural 4
Creative 2
Presentation Skills 1
Persuasion Skills 1
Community/Society 3
Risk Taker 1
Business Skills 1
Source of career plan/prog choice 1
Promotions 3
Credible Names 2
Story is unique 3

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IESE MBA – Areas of Academic Strength:
General Management, (Entrepreneurship)


The IESE MBA Culture - Common perceptions:

  • Very international

  • Intense academic program


Advantages of the IESE MBA:

  • Opportunity to receive Dual-Language MBA

  • Small class size (about 220 per year)


What else is special about the IESE MBA?

  • Opus Dei philosophy means put a lot of emphasis on social responsibility and people-centered management.

  • Students required to take Spanish language classes, can take business courses in Spanish.

  • Offer a preliminary informational interview before a candidate begins applying.


Who is likely to particularly enjoy the IESE MBA?

  • Someone interested in creating value beyond numbers- the human side of business and social responsibility.

  • Someone interested in working with European companies.


More about the IESE MBA program:
The program is relatively small and its key strengths are general management and entrepreneurship.
The school has an international orientation and relies on the Opus Dei philosophy, which emphasizes corporate social responsibility and a management approach focusing on people. The average age of students in the program is young compared to other European programs (27).
As part of the admission process, the school offers candidates the option of a preparatory informational interview before submitting an application. Applications may be submitted in English or in Spanish.
Alumni include the following individuals, with current or past positions in parentheses: Juan Antonio Samaranch (President of the International Olympic Committee), William MacDonald (CEO of Lazard), Ruben Bonet (CEO of Fractus) and Rafael Villaseca Marco (CEO of Gas Natural SDG).


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