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The Fuqua School of Business, founded in 1970, belongs to the prestigious Duke University. The program is large, with 800 students, and its flagship program is the MBA in Health Sector Management.
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Key Admission Stats – Duke MBA:
Average GPA of admits: 3.45
Average GMAT of admits: 697
Average Age of admits: 27


Tips for applying for a Duke MBA:

  • Fuqua has two leading motifs:
    o “Team Fuqua” – this is the slogan of the school and its mission – show in the application that you were and still are a part of a team and a leader of a team.
    o “Leaders of Consequence” - show how as a leader you look at the bigger picture and understand the consequences of you actions on classmates / business/ society etc.

  • Want to see students who will be both collaborators and leaders. Believes that the two are not contradictory but rather complementary.

  • Curriculum has strong quantitative focus so adcom looks carefully at indicators of quantitative ability.

  • On essays - make sure to directly answer the question asked - the admissions director advises to write essays in such a way that one could tell the question simply by reading the answer.

  • Accepts a relatively high number of people from military backgrounds.


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What is Duke Looking for in a Candidate?
See what traits make you more likely to get accepted into Duke’s MBA Program.

Trait Importance (4 is highest, 1 is lowest)
Leader/Manager 4
Team Player/Relationship Builder 4.5
Smart 3
Initiates 2
International/Cultural 2.5
Creative 1
Presentation Skills 1
Persuasion Skills 1
Community/Society 3
Risk Taker 1
Business Skills 1
Source of career plan/prog choice 2
Promotions 2
Credible Names 1
Story is unique 1

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Duke MBA – Areas of Academic Strength:
Marketing, (General Management)


The Duke MBA Culture - Common Perceptions

  • Somewhat older students- average age at entry is 29 (avg. 5 yrs work experience).

  • Collaborative culture.

  • High percentage of international students for U.S. business school, mainly from Asia.


Advantages of the Duke MBA:

  • Large degree of flexibility in choosing concentration and electives.

  • Greatly expanding global presence - currently setting up campus locations in 5 countries.

  • Very high emphasis on team work and case related team work.

What else is special about the Duke MBA?

  • Academic year organized around six-week terms rather than quarters or semesters - can take more courses.

  • Offer 'Cross Continent MBA', an EMBA program which is a combination of distance learning and short immersions in London, Dubai, New Delhi, St. Petersburg, Shanghai and Durham. During distance learning segments student can continue to work normally.


Who is likely to particularly enjoy the Duke MBA?

  • Couples - school has strong support network for partners and spouses.

  • Must enjoy working in team. Fuqua is not a place for individualists.

  • Someone interested in studying in a region with a relatively low cost of living, small town community feeling.


Scholarships Sample (Vocaz Clients) – Duke MBA:
$20,000 ; $28,000 ; $22,000 ; $5,000 ; $15,000 ; $21,000 ; $21,000 ; $21,000 ; $24,000 ;
$18,600 ; $18,000 ; $18,000 ; $18,000 ; $18,000


More about Duke's MBA program:
Besides the health sector, the school is also strong in marketing, finance and general management.
However, the school doesn't offer any formal majors apart from health sector management. Rather, the program offers flexibility in building the second year schedule from a wide variety of elective courses.
Students are very involved in the school life, and are responsible for any campus activities and events. Another characteristic of the student population is that it is relatively older, and includes a high proportion of international students (in particular from Asia). The school emphasizes teamwork and leadership, as well as quantitative skills.
Duke is located in Durham, a small town in North Carolina, which helps create the Fuqua tight-knit student community - which is less common at school located in larger cities.
Alumni include the following individuals, with current or past positions in parentheses: John Allison (Chairman of BB&T), Thomas Finke (Chairman and CEO, Babson Capital Management), Frank A. Riddick, (President and CEO of Formica Corporation) and Timothy Cook (CEO of Apple Inc.).

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