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Babson College’s MBA program is considered relatively small in size. Its main area of academic strength is entrepreneurship, and for the past 17 years it was ranked number 1 in this field among US programs by US News.
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Key Admission Stats – Babson MBA:
Enrollment - 408
Average GMAT - 632
Mid 80% GMAT Range - 530-710
Avg. undergrad GPA- 3.24
International students - 35%
Women - 32%
Avg. age - 28
Avg. work experience - 4.6 years
Selectivity - 68%
Yield - 47%
% of students receiving financial aid from school - 53%


Babson MBA – Areas of Academic Strength:


What is relatively unique about the Babson MBA?

  • Top entrepreneurship school

  • Have special track for Managing Technology-Intensive Enterprises (MTIE)

  • Have 1-yr. program for people with undergrad business majors. WSJ ranked their 1-year program highly- #2 One-Year MBA Program among U.S. business schools (2009)

  • #5 One-Year MBA Program in the world (2009)

  • Offer guaranteed loan to all students regardless of nationality (according to BW)

  • Relatively low tuition and fees (Tuition and Fees for entire program, not including living expenses - 72,184

  • International students are eligible for merit-based scholarships but apparently not for need-based assistance from the school.

  • Emphasize entrepreneurial mindset - both for start-ups and in the corporate atmosphere.

  • Offer Entrepreneurship Intensity Track (EIT) where launch own business while still in the program.


Scholarships Sample (Vocaz Clients) – Babson MBA:
$40,000 ; $65,000


More about Babson's MBA program:
The school is located in the greater Boston area, offering one and two year MBA programs.

The Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship, Babson College’s research center, provides its students with tools to combine learning of business foundations with practical experience in entrepreneurship. Babson advocates teamwork and business leadership through miscellaneous activities, workshops and meetings.

Babson’s alumni network contains more than 29,000 alums in approximately 75 different countries around the world. Alumni include the following prominent individuals, with current or past positions in parentheses: Roger Enrico (Former CEO of PepsiCo and the current Chairman for Animation DreamWorks), William Green (CEO of Accenture) and Akio Toyoda (President and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation).


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